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The preparation material for Engelsk fellesfag vår 2020 begins with a presentation of the topic “Getting your message across”. It explains that getting your message across can be challenging, and that those who succeed in communicating effectively use vocabulary and persuasive techniques that appeal to their audience. Getting your message across is important in day-to-day life, and young people especially might be criticized both for what they say and for how they say it. 

While the texts in the preparation material provide you with different examples connected to the topic of getting your message across, the presentation also encourages you to do your own research and learn more about perspectives that might interest you. The presentation also states that the preparation material includes different types of texts and encourages you to consider how these texts relate to your work during the English course. 

Text 1a: Play like a girl

Text 1a is a speech made by Billie Jean King, a famous tennis player and women’s sports advocate, at the opening of the Women’s National Basketball Allstar game. 

King addresses the little girls in her audience, telling them to look to female athletes to find inspiration and persevere against society’s limitations. King also suggests that, in today’s world, little girls can become whatever they want and inspire the next generation. She explains that all that they have to do is play like a girl. 

The text also includes a link where you can listen to King delivering her speech.

Text 1b: Mana Wahine (the power, authority, and strength of women)

Text 1b presents another version of the speech in Text 1a, this time delivered by Portia Woodman, a member of the New Zealand women’s rugby team the Black Ferns. Woodman’s most notable change in the speech can be found at the end, where she uses Maori words to remind little girls about the power, authority, and strength of being a woman. 

Text 1b also includes a picture of Portia Woodman playing rugby, and a link where you can listen to her delivering her speech. 

Text 2a: Why you should choose a university education

Text 2a explains that some people look down upon vocational education programs. It includes a text that encourages readers to apply for a university education program, claiming that vocational professions are dirty, dangerous, less economically secure, less stylish, and give people a lower social status than professions that require a university education. 

Text 2b: The benefits of vocational education 

The text states that many parents in Australia want their children to go to university because they believe a university education will give them a better future. The text is combined with infographics with data from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research and Graduate Careers Australia. The infographics show that people with vocational training have a bigger starting and median salary than those who received a university degree. 

The text also includes an estimation of the type of education that future jobs need, showing that 90% of them will need vocational rather than  university education. Finally, the text includes statistics that show the percentage of advertised jobs filled by qualified candidates in construction trades, automotive trades, food trades, and building. It also encourages readers to take up vocational training by showing them that jobs in vocational fields are available. 

Text 3: Extract from The Hate U Give 

The text is an extract from a novel by Angie Thomas. Starr, a black teenage girl who witnessed her friend, Khalil, being killed by a police officer, gives a TV interview about Khalil’s shooting. Starr’s dialogue with the interviewer is mixed with her reflections. 

Starr first speaks about Khalil and her relationship to him. She also speaks about Khalil’s personality, pointing out that he was just a kid. Starr then gives the interviewer her opinion on the people who focus on the fact that Khalil might have sold drugs. She states that Khalil would sell drugs to protect his mother, who was a drug addict, and that he was not a gang member. She also suggests that the media made it seem like Khalil deserved to die if he was a drug dealer and gang member. 

Starr then describes how Khalil was killed, and how the police officer pointed his gun at her until the other officers arrive...

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