Getting your message across

This is Studienett’s guide to the exam set in Engelsk fellesfag in Vår 2020.  The topic for this exam is Getting your message across. 

In this guide we help you with summaries, analysis and focus points in the preparation material and we guide you through the tasks in the exam set.

Task 1

Short answer

Answer either 1A or 1B. 


Read the conversations below. Thomas and Betty are unhappy with the work done by Angela and Jim. After the conversation, Thomas and Betty have asked you for advice about how to give better feedback to their friends. 

Write a short text to either Thomas or Betty giving him/her some advice. Use examples from the conversation in your text. Text 8 in the preparation material may be useful for this task. 


Study the two job advertisements for Dental Technicians below. Consider how they get their message across and which of the two would appeal more to you if you were looking for a job as a dental technician. 

Write a text about which of the two advertisements gets its message across to you. Give reasons for your choice using examples from the texts. Text 8 in the preparation material may be useful for this task.

Task 2

Long answer

The following tasks are based on your preparation topic “Getting your message across”.

Answer either 2A, 2B, 2C, or 2D. 


During your course you have discussed current social and cultural issues in English-speaking countries. Many of these issues are controversial and lead to disagreements between individuals and groups when they try to get their messages across and convince others.

Choose a current social or cultural issue and create a text discussing this issue and the competing messages about it. In your text:

  • Introduce the issue you have chosen
  • Explain and discuss the opposing views on the issue
  • Explain how the opposing sides get their message across 

All of the texts in the preparation material may be useful for this task. Give your text a suitable title.


Texts 2a and 2b in the preparation material both try to get their message across about the benefits of either vocational or academic education programs. 

Create a text to convince young people in Australia to choose the vocational education program that you are taking. To get your message across:

  • Introduce your vocational education program
  • Inform the reader about what you are learning and why it is important
  • Use some of the information in text 2a and/or 2b to convince young people that your vocational education program is a good choice for them 

Text 8 in the preparation material may also be useful for this task. Give your text a suitable title.


Create a literary text about someone who is desperate to get his/her message across. Your text must:

  • Include a character who wants to get his/her message across to others
  • Explore the thoughts and emotions the character has regarding this message
  • Explore the challenges the character experiences in getting this message across 

Some examples of literary texts could be: a story, poem, song text, play or sketch. Give your text a suitable title.


Texts are written to communicate a message. 

Choose one or two texts from the preparation material and create a text discussing how the message of the text/s is communicated. In your text:

  • Introduce the text/s you have chosen
  • Explain the message that is being put across in the text/s
  • Discuss how the message is communicated in the text/s and if it is effective. Give examples. 

Texts 1-7 in the preparation material are relevant choices for this task. Text 8 may also be useful for this task. Give your text a suitable title.

Further help

In addition to this guide, we also recommend that you read our general guide for the written exam in English:

Veiledning til skriftlig eksamen i engelsk

I denne veiledningen kan du få tips til skriftlig eksamen i engelsk, uansett om du skal opp i engelsk fellesfag, internasjonal engelsk, samfunnsfaglig engelsk eller engelskspråklig litteratur og kultur. Vi forteller deg i detalj hvordan de fire forskjellige skriftlige eksamenene er bygget opp. Du kan også få gode råd når det gjelder hvordan du forbereder deg best mulig, samt hva du skal være mest påpasselig med under selve eksamen.

You can also read our extensive guide to English grammar:

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Dette er Studienetts veiledning til engelsk grammatikk. Vi gjennomgår de områdene innenfor engelsk grammatikk som du kan møte i videregående skole. Veiledningen er generell, og den fokuserer for eksempel ikke på forskjellene mellom engelsk grunnkurs og engelsk som programfag på vg2- og vg3-nivå.

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Getting your message across

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  • 05.10.2020