Task 2D


Task 2D asks you to create a literary text about making a positive change. This means you could create a story, poem, song text, play, or sketch, which must be given a suitable title. The task asks you to set your text in an English-speaking country in the year 2020, where a character finds himself/herself in a situation that requires change and makes a positive change. In your text, you should also focus on some of the challenges that your character faces when making a positive change. 

You could use Texts 2, 4, 5, and 6 in the preparation material as inspiration for your text, although you are welcome to try and include some of your own ideas. 

Text 2: My job is important!

In Text 2, the five people who present their professions discuss the reasons why their job makes a positive change in the life of the community. Some of these people make a physical positive change in the lives of others. For example, the plumber provides water and sanitation, while the electrici...

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