Task 2C


In Task 2C, you are required to discuss a positive change relating to a social or cultural issue in an English-speaking country. You are asked to give your text a suitable title. You can use Texts 1a-h, 3, 4, and 5 as inspiration. You should structure your text by introducing the positive change, discussing why it is important, discussing its challenges, and mentioning one or more texts from the preparation material. 

Text 1A: Climate change: Cleaner energy in Britain

Text 1 A discusses the importance of lowering the need for energy created by fossil fuels. In 2019, Britain used more energy from zero-carbon sources and focused more on renewable and low-carbon types of energy. In your text, you could use the example of Britain and talk about lowering the negative environmental consequences of fossil fuels. You could also discuss the difficulty of dropping fossil fuels altogether, which is a challenge in the quest for cleaner energy. 

Text 1B: Indigenous knowledge: Aboriginal fire practices can help reduce the risk of mega-fires in Australia

Text 1 B shows how cultural burning, which is a traditional Aboriginal practice, has positive consequences for the environment. Cultural burning helps the growth of new plants and gets rid of dangerous materials that could create serious fires in Australia, like the ones in 2019. Text 1B helps you understand the importance of cultural burning, but it would be useful to think about some of its challenges as well. Without proper attention, for example, cultural burning might be dangerous to the environment or people’s properties. 

Text 1C: Civil rights: Northern Ireland abortion ban removed an


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