Task 1A


In Task 1A, you are asked to write a short text based on Text 3 in the preparation material. You are asked to comment on one or two of the changes presented in the text and on how they have influenced people’s lives. When writing your text, you should focus on both positive and negative changes, and give examples that support your choices. 

Positive changes

Text 3 features several quotes from people commenting on changes in the world in the last 20 years. The quotes present both what people consider positive and negative changes. Some of the positive changes are related to technology. For instance, monitoring devices help people control almost every aspect of their lives. Different apps, for example, offer people control over heating, electricity, shopping, and even help the elderly (ll. 10-12). These changes are positive because they give people more control over issues that arise on a daily basis, but also because the elderly can take better care of them...

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