Preparation material

Discussion of the topic

The preparation material for Engelsk Fellesfag Høst 2020 begins with a presentation of the topic “Positive change in English-speaking countries”. It explains that change occurs either naturally or because people wish to influence those around them. Although every occupation changes others’ lives in a positive way – like the medical personnel, for example – positive change can also happen on an individual level.

The presentation also encourages you to find other sources on the topic of positive change in English-speaking countries, aside from the texts provided in the preparation material. You should also consider how the texts in the preparation material relate to the ones you have studied during your English course. 

Text 1A: Climate change: Cleaner energy in Britain

Text 1 A is an extract from the article “Zero-carbon electricity outstrips fossil fuels in Britain across 2019” by Julia Kollewe and published in 2020 on the website of The Guardian. The extract shows how 2019 has been the year when Britain used more energy from zero-carbon sources than from fossil fuels. This is due to Britain’s focus on renewable and low-carbon types of energy. 

The text also includes a link to a video on renewable energy, provided by CNBC International. 

Text 1B: Indigenous knowledge: Aboriginal fire practices can help reduce the risk of mega-fires in Australia

Text 1 B is an extract from the article “How Australia’s Indigenous people can help the country fight fire”, written by Ali MC and published on the website of Al Jazeera in 2020. The extract shows how a traditional Aboriginal practice known as cultural burning promotes the growth of new plants while also getting rid of flammable materials, which would otherwise lead to serious fires. 

Text 1 B also contains an adaptation from the article “ 'It’s miraculous’: Owner...

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