Positive change in English-speaking countries

This is Studienett’s guide to the exam set in ”Engelsk Fellesfag” in Fall 2020.  The topic for this exam is Positive change in English-speaking countries

In this guide we help you with summaries, analysis and focus points in the preparation material and we guide you through the tasks in the exam set.

Task 1 

Short answer 
Answer either 1A or 1B 

Task 1A 

Text 3 in the preparation material is about changes in the world over the last 20 years. Write a short text commenting on one or two of these changes and how they have influenced people’s lives. 

Task 1B 

Alex is trying to find an apprenticeship, so he has written the following email to send to all the local firms in his area. He has asked you to read it, suggest any changes he should make and explain why. 

Write a short text to Alex with advice about how to improve his text so that potential employers will want to contact him. Include advice about language and content. Use examples from his email. 


My name is Alex and I really need an apprenticeship!!! Can you help?? 

I am almost done with my two years at school and I have done OK. I haven’t got great grades in everything because some of my subjects sucked! But I will do heaps better if you’re a good boss! 

I learn pretty quick. Just show me once and I am all good to go! No need to waste time training me! 

I am also a totally awesome DJ which means that I sometimes have jobs at clubs until really late at night so I will need to come in late the next day. But I could also DJ at our work parties! 

Send me a text (525 6789) if you want to know more about me or whatever.



Task 2 

Long answer 

The following tasks are based on your preparation topic: “Positive change in English-speaking countries”

Answer either 2A, 2B, 2C or 2D. 


In the short story “A Way of Talking” (Text 6) you have read about two sisters trying to make a positive change. 

Create a text discussing a character who tries to make a positive change. The character you discuss may be from “A Way of Talking” or from another short story or novel, film or series you have worked with. In your text: 

  • Introduce the character you are going to discuss
  • Explore the situation that requires a change
  • Present and discuss how the character tries to make a positive change
  • Discuss how the text may affect the reader's desire to make a positive change

Give your text a suitable title. 


Create a text about the profession you are aiming for and how you as a worker can make a positive change for people and society through this profession. In your text: 

  • Introduce the profession you are aiming for
  • Present the most important tasks in this profession
  • Explain why this profession is important for society
  • Discuss how you can make a positive change through your profession

Text 2 may be useful for this task. Give your text a suitable title. 


In the preparation material you have read about several positive changes taking place in English-speaking countries. Discuss a positive change relating to a social and/or cultural issue in an English-speaking country. In your text: 

  • Introduce the positive change that you have chosen
  • Discuss why this change is important and what more needs to be done
  • Discuss the challenges that may arise when trying to make a positive change
  • Refer to one or more of the texts in the preparation material

Texts 1a-h, 3, 4, and 5 may be useful for this task. Give your text a suitable title. 


Create a literary text about making a positive change. Your text must: 

Be set in an English-speaking country in the year 2020 

  • Explore a situation or issue that requires change
  • Include a character who makes a positive change
  • Explore the challenges the character faces in making this change
  • Examples of literary texts can be a story, poem, song text, play or sketch.

Give your text the title “A Positive Change”.

Further help

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Positive change in English-speaking countries

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