Task 2B: Teenagers and the responsibilities of working life


Task 2A asks you to create a text about whether or not teenagers are ready for the responsibilities of working life. The text should briefly introduce the profession you have chosen to write about and explain some of the responsibilities and challenges that young apprentices and workers have in that profession. The task also asks you to give some suggestion on what schools and the workplace can do to help teenagers deal with those challenges and responsibilities. Finally, you are asked to discuss whether you think teenagers are ready for the responsibilities of the profession you have chosen, and give your text a suitable title.

The task suggests that text 3, text 4, and text 6 in the preparation material could help you write the text. For example, text 3 can help you choose the profession you want to speak about in your text. It includes six images that show young people working in different industries, such as construction, the food industry, and the medical field.  Also, text 4 talks about the truck-driving profession, while text 6 can also provide you with some ideas of professions, especially if you want to discuss people working in the food or restaurant industry.

Responsibilities and challenges

Several of the images in text 3 suggest that these young people’s responsibilities are to operate various types of machinery or electrical wiring. Learning how to operate any machine can be challenging at first, especially if it has complex controls. In most jobs, efficiency is considered important, so ...

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