Task 2A: Writing a literary text


The task requires you to create a literary text entitled “Old enough” about a young person who thinks that he or she is old enough in a particular situation. The text must be set in an English-speaking country and mention one or more facts or opinions from the preparation material.

You can write any type of literary text, for example a short story whose plot is centered on a young person who thinks that he or she is old enough for a particular activity. Remember that the task requires that the person in your text must be from an English-speaking country. It might be useful to pick a country from the table in text 8, because it directly tells you the legal age limits for a range of activities in various English-speaking countries. This will help you be accurate in your text. It might be wise to choose a country that you are somewhat familiar with, such as the UK or the US, or one of the countries that you have worked with in class.

You can use texts 1 to 8 in the preparation material as inspiration for your composition. You can find summaries of all the texts in an earlier section of this study guide.

Old enough to run for office

If you choose to write a text about a young person who believes they are old enough to run for office, you can use tex...

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