Task 1B: Advice for communicating with a friend


Task 1B presents a text written by Aaron on the Quora website. Aaron is asking for advice about what to say to a friend in a difficult situation. The task requires you to write a short reply to Aaron and advise him on what he could say to his friend and how he should say it.

In his text, Aaron explains that he has a friend who has worked part-time since she was 14 and has always stolen small things from her workplaces, or neglected her responsibilities. The friend argues that employers should pay her better if they want the job done properly. Aaron wants advice on how to tell his friend to behave more responsibly when she starts her new apprenticeship.

What to say

Aaron could consider several different approaches. Firstly, you might want to warn Aaron that, if he confronts his friend and directly accuses her of behaving irresponsibly, it is possible that she will reject him again. Instead, Aaron could begin his discussion with his friend by telling her, for example, that he cares about her and ...

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