Task 1A: Language and content of emails


Task 1A requires you to study text 7 in the preparation material. It states that the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) has been criticized for not listening or responding to the opinions of young people.

The task requires you to write a short text to the Communications Manager at PEGI and give her advice on how she should change her email to Betty. In your text, you should refer to both the language and content of the two emails in text 7.

Advice to the Communications Manager

You might immediately notice that the Communications Manager’s message is written using formal language: “PEGI was established to allow consumers throughout Europe to make informed decisions when purchasing video games and applications. ” (ll. 9-10). The email is also written using words and concepts that Betty, who is 11 years old, might find difficult to understand. Some examples of this are “input” (l. 2), “rigorous” (l. 6), and “regulatory body” (l. 7). Meanwhile, Betty’s language is informal and personal: “I hope that you th...

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