Preparation material

Discussion of the topic

The preparation material for Engelsk fellesfag høst 2019 begins with a presentation of the topic “Old Enough”. It explains that teenagers have access to more activities and opportunities as they get older, but also have to take on more responsibilities. The topic of how old is old enough for different activities and responsibilities is a concern for governments, society, and for the individual.

While the texts in the preparation material provide you with different perspectives on how old is old enough for various activities, the presentation also encourages you to learn about other activities with age restrictions through your own research.

The presentation also states that the preparation material includes texts from various genres and encourages you to consider how these texts relate to your work during the English course.  

Text 1: Selection of six texts

Text 1 is a selection of six different texts that present examples of contexts in which the idea of being old enough has been discussed. Each text is accompanied by a picture which represents either people that the texts refer to, or the context discussed in the text.

Old enough to be President (Ireland)? speaks about a referendum that was held in Ireland in 2015 to decide whether the minimum age of the President should be lowered from 35 to 21. The text includes an opinion in favor of lowering the voting age, and it also informs us that the proposal of lowering the age limit was not passed.

Old enough to be President (USA)? informs us that the minimum age required to be President in the US is 35. It includes a pictur...

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