Task: Write a feature article for a travel magazine about visiting, studying and/or working in an English–speaking society of your choice. Your article should include the social conditions you witnessed and the values you found to be important to the people there)

Hierarchies, Bollywood and Strong Curry

Arriving in Mumbai the first thing I became aware of was the overwhelming heat and the deafening noise of hundreds and hundreds of cars and mopeds. Here in India, the largest country in South East Asia, the home of the holy cow, the strong curry and the many religions, I was to meet Knut Bjørnstein. Bjørnstein, a Norwegian doctor working in the region, has been in Mumbai for a year now and has agreed to let us in on how he has experienced working in such a different environment.

India – a diverse country

“India is a very large and diverse country, with many different religions and social hierarchies,” he tells me after having ordered a sweet tee from the small Indian waitress. And Bjørnstein is ...

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