“Tony’s Story” by Leslie Marmon Silko starts by telling us that on a summer’s day, Tony meets his friend Leon, who has just returned from the army. Leon is back in the reservation they grew up in, which Tony calls pueblo (village). Leon is drunk and has a bottle of wine with him. While Leon refuses to eat, he gives Tony some money to buy a hamburger. Close to the food stand there is a cop who seems to fixate the two young men.

Then, all of a sudden, the cop approaches them and hits Leon, who falls on the ground. Leon is taken to the hospital and no one seems to be able to explain why the cop has hit the Indian. That night, Tony has a dream about a creature who resembles the cop and points a human bone towards him.

When Leon returns home from the hospital, he displays a lot of anger towards the cop and brings up his case before the pueblo meeting. However, the interpreter announces Leon tha...

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