“The Moose and the Sparrow” by Hugh Garner tells the story of Moose and Cecil, who are working for the summer at a logging camp somewhere in British Columbia. Moose asks Cecil one day about his life in Canada and finds out that Cecil goes to university and studies art. Moose, who never achieved much in life, immediately starts holding a grudge against Cecil and bullying him with every occasion he gets.

Two weeks before the work at camp is over, Mr Anderson meets Cecil, who seems to be very sad, on the beach shore. Cecil has become stressed because of Moose’s constant bullying and fears the man might attempt to hurt him physically.

Mr Anderson explains to Cecil that Moose envies him for being smarter than he is and that the only options are to either stay away from him or to teach him a lesson. Both options seem impossible for Cecil. He is in the same gang as Moose at work so he cannot avoi...

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