Imagery and metaphors

The poem “Talking Turkeys!!” by Benjamin Zephaniah relies on imagery and pathos to make it more lyrical and more appealing. We will now outline some specific figures of speech employed by the poet, in order to create imagery.

Similes and comparisons

The poet mostly tries to create similes and comparisons between humans and turkeys, indirectly, through the use of personification. However, we can identify one typical simile: 

“Turkeys hav brains an turkeys feel pain
In many ways like yu an me.”
(p. 29, ll. 23-24)

Another interesting form of comparison is allusion. In this case, the author uses “Turkeys United” (p. 30, l. 10) as a references to a team like Manchester United, for instance, suggesting people should team up with animals, inste...

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