The main themes of the poem “Son of Mine” by Kath Walker.

Racism and discrimination

Racism is the main cause of discrimination by whites of Aboriginals in Australia and also the main theme of the poem “Son of Mine”.

As you may know, Australia has been the land where Aboriginals have suffered because of abuse and terror. This has begun since colonial times, when the British have begun colonising Australia. As they were very different from the whites in terms of skin colour, beliefs, habits and behaviour, Aboriginals were forced to live in Reservations. Discrimination spread so widely over the years that it became almost impossible for Aboriginals to leave the Reservations or have the same living conditions as the whites. Education was something Aboriginals did not have access to, just as they were not given the same political or economic rights.

During the 1970s, a civil rights movement had begun. The main purpose...

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