Imagery and rhythm and rhyme

In what follows, you can read useful informations as concearns imagery and rhythm and rhyme of the poem “Son of Mine” by Kath Walker.


The poem “Son of Mine” by Kath Walker has many figures of speech that help the poet render her ideas and beliefs in a more appealing way.

Similes and comparisons

One interesting simile is noticeable in the first stanza, when the mother compares her son’s skin with velvet: “Your black skin as soft as velvet shine;” (l. 3).

Velvet is a soft and shiny material, quite beautiful. It is no wonder, then, that the mother sees her child as very beautiful. This simile also shows that the mother is proud of the colour of her skin and of being Aboriginal.

Rhetorical questions

There is one important rhetorical question at the end of the first stanza: “What can I tell you, son of mine?” (l. 4).

This question is used in order to depict the mother’s indecision when it comes to telling her son the truth about Aboriginals. She could either tell him the negative aspects or the positive ones, but she is still undecided.


Stanza 2 depicts the various traumatic events that have shaped the minds of Aboriginals over time:

“I could tell you of heart-breakhatred blind,
I could

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