Characters and speaker

To better understand the poem “Son of Mine” by Kath Walker, it is important to focus on its characters and speaker. The main characters who appear in the poem are the mother and the child. Knowing the poet’s origin, we can basically say that the speaker of the poem is the poet herself, who adopts the image of the mother.

Kath Walker, the poet, was an Aboriginal. She has dedicated her entire life to the fight for Aboriginal rights, being an active figure in several political campaigns. In “Son of Mine”, Kath Walker adopts the image of the mother who addresses her child. In fact, it is Kate Walker herself who addresses Denis, her own teenage son. As you can see in your textbook, the poem is clearly dedicated to Denis. We can say, then, that Kath Walker and her son become the main characters of the poem.

The son

The son is the first character who appears in the poem. He is called by his mother, who ponders whether...

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