Language and style

To analyze the poem “I’m Nobody” by Emily Dickinson, it is important to understand its language and style. Here we discuss the following elements:

  • Playing with language
  • Tense of verbs
  • Type of words used
  • Style of the poem
  • The sentence structure
  • Repetition
  • The effect of the language

Playing with language

The poem “I’m Nobody” plays with language from the very beginning. The word “nobody” is written two times with a capital letter, suggesting that being anonymous is extremely important for the poet. The same goes for the word “somebody”, which is also written with a capital letter in the second stanza. It becomes obvious the two words are mirroring each other. In the author’s opinion, being a “Nobody” (l. 1) is far more important than being a “Somebody” (l. 5) whose life is analyzed in detail by the p...

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