Themes and message

Often, stories can be interpreted in several ways when it comes to themes, especially when narratives are about human behaviour. Humans are complex beings and their interactions in stories can always touch upon several concepts and ideas. “My Polish Teacher’s Tie” by Helen Dunmore makes no exception. In the text, we can identify themes like identity, literature (poetry), education, immigration, or prejudices and stereotypes. However, if we were to choose themes that incorporate more of these aspects, then identity is central along with prejudice and stereotypes.


The core theme of the short story is identity, namely Carla’s identity. From the first lines we see how the character defines herself based on her job, her earnings and what she likes:


Prejudice and stereotypes

Both the narrator and Valerie’s character show the way prejudice and stereotyping creep in people’s minds. Carla has prejudices about the British, about what it means to be a teacher and even about herself and her place in society:


Moreover, here you can read useful informations as concerns author's message.

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