As with every literary work, there are several ways in which you can interpret a text like “I Can Be Someone” (excerpt) by Jayne Bauling, which allow you to engage in meaningful dialogues about it and deepen your understanding of its themes.

Social context

“I Can Become Someone” was published as a seven-chapters short story on a web platform called Fundiza, designed to encourage reading in South Africa because public schools do not usually have libraries. Under these circumstances, the theme of social differences makes even more sense.


Literary context

Many literary works deal with topics like education and social differences. An interesting short story about the topic is “Butterflies” by Patricia Grace, found at page 175, in Targets. The story is about the conflict between two different lifestyles: that of farmers and whose livelihoods depend on their crop, and that of teachers who can afford to buy her food instead of growing it.


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