Engelsk fellesfag | YF | Vår 2021

This is Studienett’s guide to the exam set from Vår 2021 for the new written exam in Engelsk fellesfag, Yrkesfaglig (YF). 

The exam consists of four parts: 

Note that “text” may also refer to images, drawings, sound clips, and the like. 

The study guide focuses on the tasks in the exam set and only refers to the preparation material when relevant. We help you understand the tasks and texts in the exam set and give you examples of how to complete the tasks.

More help

You can read more about the new Vg1/Fellesfag YF exam in our exam guide.

You can get help with English grammar in our grammar webbook.


Here you can read an extract from our study guide:

Text 3b

Text 3b is based on the view that plastic bags should be avoided, which is the opposite of Text 3a. Note that it does not say so explicitly in the text but appears to be the view behind. 

In terms of language, you could look at the choice of words. For example, expressions like “schlepper” and “BYO” are informal and make the text seem down-to-earth and easy to read. You could also look at the use of direct address: “You likely own some reusable bags already [...] And you should use them.” This sentence appeals directly to the reader and underlines the view that reusable bags are the best choice.

As mentioned, form means structure or composition. The text includes an introduction on reusable bags followed by three paragraphs. Each paragraph is a review by a member of the Wirecutter staff and has an informative title such as “The self-contained micro bag”.

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Engelsk fellesfag | YF | Vår 2021

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