Engelsk fellesfag | YF | Høst 2021

This is Studienett’s guide to the exam set from Høst 2021 for the new written exam in Engelsk fellesfag Yrkesfaglig (YF). 

The exam always consists of four parts: 

Note that “text” may also refer to images, drawings, sound clips, or the like. 

This particular study guide focuses on the tasks in the exam set and only refers to the preparation material when relevant. We help you understand the tasks and texts in the exam set and give you examples of how to complete the tasks.

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Engelsk grammatikk

Dette er Studienetts veiledning til engelsk grammatikk. Vi gjennomgår de områdene innenfor engelsk grammatikk som du kan møte i videregående skole. Veiledningen er generell, og den fokuserer for eksempel ikke på forskjellene mellom engelsk grunnkurs og engelsk som programfag på vg2- og vg3-nivå.


Here you can read an extract from our study guide:

Hints for completing the task

A good place to start is to find out which texts from the preparation material talk about working in the 24/7 society.

You could also consider whether you have other sources - perhaps from your daily English classes or something you saw on the news - that you could use to reflect on this topic.

Once you have some texts to help you, you could try to sort their arguments according to whether they express positive or negative aspects of working in the 24/7 society. Use these arguments in your reflection. 

What is good for the employer, is not always good for the employee (or the other way around), which means there might be a conflict of interests. However, you must reflect on how people can work together to make working life in the 24/7 society good for everyone.

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Engelsk fellesfag | YF | Høst 2021

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