Task 2C: Texts that inspire you to take a stand

Task 2C asks you to create a text discussing a powerful text (this could also be a film) you have worked with this year and compare it to one of the texts from the preparation material. Texts 1, 4, 5, and 6 are all suitable choices for this task.

The assignment requires you to:

  • Introduce the two texts you will be discussing
  • Compare the two texts in terms of the message conveyed
  • Explain and compare what makes the texts powerful
  • Discuss how a character's or person’s “just do it” attitude affects readers

As we do not which texts you have studied, we will focus on the texts in the preparation material, respecting the points you need to cover in your assignment. You can find our discussion on text 1 A-G, text 4, text 5, and text 6 in the next pages.