Task 2B: Learning and connecting with others on work placement


Tasks 2B requires you to create a text to inspire students to learn as much as they can and connect with colleagues while on work placement. Texts 2 and 8 may be useful for this task.

Text 2 provides you with useful writing techniques to make your text more persuasive and inspiring such as repetition, rhetorical question, direct address, examples, exaggeration, mentioning things in threes, appealing to emotions, or criticising the opposing view.

Text 8 offers you inspiration with regards to the content of your text because it is a recommendation letter for a woman who has done a work placement at a nursing home. The letter gives details about what the woman learned and how she contributed to the team while on the work placement.

Your text should cover the next points:

Briefly introduce your educational programme

The educational programme you choose to use for this assignment is your choice, but it makes the most sense to choose the educational programme you are actually pursuing yourself, as you probably have most knowledge about this field.

When presenting your programme, you should also include some brief details about it. For example, text 8 in your assignment talks about someone who is at work placement at a nursing home, which entails learning about medication, nutrition, and communicating with patients.

Explain why work placement is important in terms of practical learning

When you explain ...

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