Task 2A: Just do it!


Task 2A asks you to create a literary text entitled “Just do it!”, about a young person who takes a stand or breaks the mould. The text must include at least one young person from an English-speaking country, and must explore themes such as taking a stand, breaking the mould, or just doing it. 

You can write any type of literary text, but the most obvious choice may be a short story whose plot is centred on a young person who takes a stand in some way. Also remember the requirement that the person must be from an English-speaking country. It might be wise to choose a country you are somewhat familiar with, such as the US or the UK, or one of the countries that you have worked with in class. 

It is also possible to write a poem, though it may be a bit more difficult to do this properly given the time limit you have to work with. It is also a bit difficult to reach the expected number of words for the long answer task through the poetry genre, so all in all it is a risky option.

Using the texts for inspiration

You might be able to use texts 1, 5, and 8 in the preparation material as inspiration for your own composition, though you should also try to come up with some ideas yourself.

Text 1

Text 1 in the preparation material includes seven examples of people from English-speaking countries who are taking a stand, breaking the mould, or just doing it. 

In section A, actress Emma Watson is taking a stand with regards to making the planet more sustainable by donating clothes rather than throwing them away. To make her point, she mentions that “23% of London’s clothes are unworn” (p. 5) and that “22% of Londoners throw their clothes in the bin after clearing out their closet” (p. 5). She invites Londoners to donate the clothes they no longer wear to a charity. Emma Watson takes a stand to protect the environment and help others, using her imag...

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