Task 1B: Creating a safe work environment


Task 1B asks you to write a short text that will encourage readers to help create a safe working environment for themselves and their colleagues. You should use some of the techniques in text 2 to help you persuade your readers. You may use both text 6 and text 7 from the preparation material as inspiration for your short text.

Text 6 is the poem “I Chose To Look The Other Way” by Don Merrell, which explores the theme of ignoring safety rules at work. In the poem, a person dies because they ignored the regulations and because the speaker did not warn that person about the risks.

Text 7 is an infographic entitled “Health and Safety at work: National Safety Council USA, 2018” and provides information about common workplaces injuries and how to avoid them.

Here are examples of how you can use techniques in text 2 to write your text based on information from texts 6 and 7.


Repetition helps you be persuasive because it emphasises a certain idea, word, or phrase, and it makes it more likely for readers to remember your points.

Here’s how you could...

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