Task 1A: Making a difference


Task 1A requires you to study text 3 in the preparation material and use some of the information to write a short text titled “Just do it” to persuade young people to do what they can to make a difference. You should also use some of the techniques in text 2 of the preparation material to help you persuade your readers.

Text 3 in the preparation material focuses on how individuals can help save the earth and protect the environment. Consequently, your short text titled “Just do it” should persuade young people to make their contribution to protecting the environment. The text includes three images which offer inspiration about what people can do to reduce plastic use, reduce emissions and save resources, or change daily habits to help save energy, reduce food waste, or reduce their environmental footprint.


Repetition helps you be persuasive because it emphasises a certain idea, word, or phrase, and it makes it more likely for readers to remember your points. Based on text 3, here are some examples of how you could use repetition in your text:

  • Just do it! Walk, bike, take the bus, or share a car. Just do it!  And you’ll contribute to reducing emissions caused by transportation.
  • Plastic, plastic, everywhere. Every year we produce 8 million metr

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