Preparation material

Overview of the topic

Nike launched their first “Just Do It” campaign in 1988, in which they encouraged young people to play a sport or speak out. In 2018 they organised an anniversary campaign encouraging young people to follow their dreams.  The campaign was so influential that the slogan became a common saying, describing leaving one’s comfort zone to pursue one’s passions.

The texts in the material focus on the “just do it” attitude, but also on similar concepts such as breaking the mould (=rejecting traditional norms and beliefs) or speaking out for a cause.

Whether it is about rejecting traditional norms, taking action to support a cause, or following one’s dreams, all the texts in the preparation material convey ideas about improving the world in both great and small ways.

Text 1: Compilation of seven texts

Text 1 is a compilation of seven different texts, A to G, which represent messages and examples of people who have spoken out for a certain cause. Each text is accompanied by a picture of the person in question.

Text A is a Facebook post from movie star and UN Ambassador Emma Watson, who calls on Londoners to donate their unwanted clothes to charity instead of throwing them away. She mentions that about 23% of clothes in London are not used and she reminds readers about the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and the need for more responsible consumption.

Text B is a quote from a speech delivered by entrepreneur Steve Jobs at Stanford University. Jobs argues that people should listen to their inner voice and follow their true desires instead of letting dogma and other people’s opinions influence them.

Text C presents Watene Campbell, a young man from New Zealand, who often speaks out for the Maori youth about environmental challenges. Campbell argues that people should think more about the future instead of...

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