Task 2B: Apprenticeships in the UK


Task 2B requires you to create a text that could win you an apprenticeship with a company in the UK that is offering apprenticeships or traineeships to young people from Scandinavia.

In what follows, we will give you some general guidelines about what to include in your text, inspired by the materials in your assignment. However, remember that this is a personal creation so you can include other ideas if you want to.

Which traineeship or apprenticeship you are aiming for

Reflect on what skill would you like to learn or the profession you want to pursue in life as inspiration for choosing a traineeship or apprenticeship. Maybe you want to improve your English-language skills, your IT skills, or interpersonal communication skills.

Consider also how valuable those skills are on the job market and for the economy. Here, you can get inspired by Text 2 in your assignment. The text mentions, for example, that technical skills are very valuable on the South African market while there is a surplus of sales skills: “For instance, it says there is a surplus of trainees in sales and communications, when the real shortage, according to experts, is for electricians and other technical skills....

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