Task 1B: Persuasion in advertisements


Task 2B asks you to write a short text in which you explain the messages of the two advertisements in Text 7. You should compare how language and visual elements are used in the two advertisements to communicate their message.

The two advertisements in Text 7 convey messages concerning two related social issues.

The first advertisement is part of a 2017 campaign supporting same-sex marriage in Australia. Its message is that people in same-sex relationships are allowed to do life-saving jobs, but they are not allowed to marry their partners under current legislation. The advertisement claims that this situation is unfair and that it is the government’s job to address this unfairness: “We can hold a life in our hands, but we can’t ask for our partner’s hand.”; “Marriage equality. It’s only fair.”

The ad aims to convince people to put pressure on those they elected to vote for legalising same-sex marriage: “We’re doing our jobs. Tell our politicians to do theirs at equalitycampaign.org.au.”

The ad was created for the Equality Campaign in 2017, the year in which the Australian government approved same-sex marriage after various failed attempts. The legislation came as a result of a voluntary postal survey. Consequently, the input of the peo...

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