Task 1A: Protesting against shutting down a school programme

What the school programme is about and why is it important

Task 1A asks you to write a text that would inspire students to protest against plans to shut down your education programme at your school and to explain why shutting down the programme is a bad idea.

An education programme refers to any type of programme designed to provide education to people and groups. Some examples of education programmes you can consider are:

  • Academic programme: provides education in sciences or liberal arts as preparation for higher education
  • Training programme: education designed to train specific skills (e.g., computer skills)
  • Vocational programme: education that is designed to give you a set of skills specific for a job (e.g., training for working in services)
  • Pre-employment training programme: education preparing you for the job market
  • Short course: training for a brief period focusing on a specific topic

You can also find inspiration for this aspect in some of the text in your preparation material. For example, Text 1 talks about apprenticeship programmes. Perhaps your school has a partnership with industry employers, which allows students to qualify and learn while working. Using Text 1, you can argue that an apprenticeship programme is impo...

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