Winning and losing in the English-speaking world | Engelsk fellesfag eksamen | Vår 2018

Her ser du Studienetts study guide for skriftlig eksamen i Engelsk fellesfag fra 23. mai 2018. Med denne guiden blir du veiledet trygt og godt igjennom alle oppgavene i eksamenssettet med sammendrag, analyser og fokuspunkter.

Task 1

Short answer

Answer either 1A or 1B


You have just discovered that there are plans to shut down your education programme at your school.

Create a text that could be used to inspire students to protest against these plans, explaining why shutting down the programme is a bad idea.


Write a short text in which you explain the messages of the two advertisements in text 7 in the preparation material.

Compare how language and visual elements are used in the two advertisements to communicate their message.

Task 2

Long answer

The following tasks are based on your preparation topic "Winning and losing in the English-speaking world".

Answer either 2A, 2B, 2C, or 2D.


Texts 5 and 6 in the preparation material provide two opposing views about recent events in the USA. Dale Hansen defends NFL players' right to "take a knee" during the national anthem, while President Trump criticises them for doing this.

Create a text in which you discuss the texts.

You should:

  • explain the issues raised
  • discuss the views expressed in the texts
  • compare the language of the texts

Give your text a suitable title.


A company in the UK is offering apprenticeships or traineeships to young people from Scandinavia. They have apprenticeships and traineeships in every vocational area. There will be a lot of competition for the positions so you will have to sell yourself well to win the company over.

Create a text that could win you one of these apprenticeships or traineeships.

You should include information about:

  • which traineeship or apprenticeship you are aiming for
  • how your education and training have prepared you for an apprenticeship/traineeship
  • situations during your work placement that have given you valuable experience
  • why you are the best person for the apprenticeship/traineeship

Give your text a suitable title.


You have studied cultural and social conditions affecting people in English-speaking countries during your course and while working with the preparation material.

Create a text about one of these cultural or social conditions that you have studied and discuss who the winners and losers appear to be. You should refer to texts from the preparation material and/or sources that you have worked with during your course.

Give your text a suitable title.


In the extract from "Divergent" by Veronica Roth (text 9 in the preparation material) several characters compete for power and authority.

Create a text discussing the way these characters behave towards each other as they try to be winners in the extract you have read. Then compare these characters’ behaviour with the behaviour of the characters in another English-language text or film who are also struggling in a situation where winning is important.

Give your text a suitable title.

Further help

In addition to this study guide, we also recommend that you read our general guide for the written exam in English:

Veiledning til skriftlig eksamen i engelsk

I denne veiledningen kan du få tips til skriftlig eksamen i engelsk, uansett om du skal opp i engelsk fellesfag eller engelsk programfag. Vi forteller deg i detalj hvordan de forskjellige skriftlige eksamenene er bygget opp. Du kan også få gode råd når det gjelder hvordan du forbereder deg best mulig, samt hva du skal være mest påpasselig med under selve eksamen.

You can also read our extensive guide to English grammar:

Engelsk grammatikk

Dette er Studienetts veiledning til engelsk grammatikk. Vi gjennomgår de områdene innenfor engelsk grammatikk som du kan møte i videregående skole. Veiledningen er generell, og den fokuserer for eksempel ikke på forskjellene mellom engelsk grunnkurs og engelsk som programfag på vg2- og vg3-nivå.

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Winning and losing in the English-speaking world | Engelsk fellesfag eksamen | Vår 2018

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