Task 4b: The relevance of traditional education

Understand the task

In the Vår 2022 exam set for Engelsk fellesfag SF, Task 4b requires you to write a text in which you discuss the following statement: “By the year 2030 there will be no need for traditional education, we will be able to find all the information we need online". You are also required to choose two statements from Text 7 of your preparation material and discuss them as well.

You must include information and examples from the preparation material and/or other sources.

Hints for completing the task

Here, we give you some inspiration for how to discuss the statement as well as two statements from Text 7 of your own choice.

If possible, try to quote specific lines from the text(s) to back up your discussion.

The statement in the task

The statement you have to focus on states that by the year 2030, we will no longer require traditional education, as we will find all the information we need online. The quote, therefore, implies that  traditional education would be a waste of time, since information is available and easily accessible to everyone. 

The statement expresses a very clear point of view. Thus, it would make sense for you to  focus on arguments for and against this viewpoint in your discussion. 

The preparation material and other sources

Text 7 is entitled “Four Statements about Knowledge and Skills” and makes several predictions about the near future and what skills and knowledge will be required by 2030. 

You have to choose two other statements from Text 7 and discuss them as well. The first statement claims that we will no longer need to learn languages by the year 2030 as technology will help us communicate with others even when we do not know their language. This quote has already been discussed in Task 4a.

The second statement states that by the year 2030, having knowledge will no longer be such an impor...

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