Task 4a: Learning languages

Understand the task

In the Vår 2022 exam set for Engelsk fellesfag SF, task 4a requires you to discuss the importance of learning languages in general and English in particular. 

In connection to this topic, you are required to focus on several points of reflection

  • whether technology can completely replace learning languages
  • how knowing one language makes it easier to learn a second or even a third one
  • the advantages that knowing English can offer you at university or at work

You must include information and examples from the preparation material and/or other sources.

Hints for completing the task

Here, we give you some inspiration on how to discuss the importance of learning languages, and English in particular.

Make sure you quote specific lines from the text to back up your analysis. 

The preparation material and other sources

A good place to start is to find out which texts in the preparation material talk about learning languages or about the importance of English.

Text 1 from the preparation material is entitled “How does learning English improve your career opportunities?” The information in this text might prove helpful when discussing the importance of learning English and the advantages it can offer you in the workplace.

According to Text 1, English is the language with the largest number of speakers, with over two billion people able to speak it. It is also the third language by the number of native speakers. English can prove an advantage in your career, especially if you work in an international industry, as it has beco...

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