Del 3: Samhandling

Understand the task

In Del 3 of the Vår 2022 exam for Engelsk fellesfag SF, you are presented with several short posts that together make up a comment thread. The posts are about whether students today should learn facts when they can use google to search for anything they want.

You are asked to write the next comment in the thread in which you respond to what has already been written and express your own opinion about the topic.

You should write about 200-250 words.

Hints for completing the task

The comment thread is about whether it is necessary for students today to learn facts when they can just google them. David18 seems to think that learning facts is a complete waste of time, and Meghan17 agrees with him. Bobby46 and Olivia17 both disagree with them.

Before writing your reply, you might want to think about arguments for or against students learning facts instead of being allowed to simply google them.

In your comment, you must question, agree, or disagree with what has been written. We explain this below.


If you question an opinion, you raise doubts about it. Questioning can be similar to criticizing, but should sound less negative.

For example, you can question why David18 believes that learning facts is “a complete waste of time” and googling information is apparently not. You could point out that Google contains a wide range of sources of i...

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