Del 2: Videreformidling

Understand the task

In Del 2 of the Vår 2022 exam for Engelsk fellesfag SF, you are presented with a podcast episode of an interview with a businessman named Trent Meade, who will be visiting your school.

You are asked to write a text for your school’s blog introducing Trent Meade and giving a summary of what he says about his organization and about generational differences. 

You should write about 150-200 words.

Hints for completing the task

Below, we give you hints for how to summarize Trent Meade’s presentation about his organization and his opinion on generational differences.


Since you are asked to write about Trent Meade on your school blog, your text might not need to be that formal in style. However, its content should cover all the relevant points about Meade and his organization so that your schoolmates can have a clear picture of who he is and what services he is providing.

You should start by introducing Trent Meade and mentioning that he is visiting the school. You can also say that Meade works in the hospitality sector, and that he lives in Brisbane, Australia, where his organization is also based.

It would be helpful for you to mention the slogan of Meade’s organization...

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