Engelsk fellesfag | SF | Vår 2022

This is Studienett’s guide to the exam set from Vår 2022 for the written exam in Engelsk fellesfag Studieforberedende (SF). 

The exam always consists of four parts: 

Note that “text” may also refer to images, drawings, sound clips, and the like. 

The study guide only focuses on tasks 2-4 in the exam set and only refers to the preparation material when relevant. We help you understand the tasks and texts in the exam set and give you examples of how to complete the tasks.

More help

You can read more about the new Vg1/Fellesfag SF exam in our exam guide.

You can get help with English grammar in our grammar webbook.


Here you can read an extract from our study guide:

Can technology replace learning languages?

When you talk about the idea of technological tools making it unnecessary to learn languages, you should mention the statement in Text 7 related to languages. The statement predicts that by the year 2030, there will be “no need” to learn new languages as we will have “digital tools” to help us communicate with those who speak a foreign language. 

You could offer real-life examples of this, such as platforms like Google Translate or phone apps that instantly translate from one language to another. You could focus on their advantages and show that it might not be necessary for people to speak a foreign language fluently in order to communicate with others.

At the same time, you could mention that, while such tools function well for short sentences and common phrases, it might be harder for you to use them to express more complex ideas. Most of such tools also require people to be able to read and write, which may be a problem in developing countries. Also, you could add that using these devices would still take time and might make the conversation less spontaneous. 

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Engelsk fellesfag | SF | Vår 2022

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