Text 4a: Advice from a Caterpillar

Outline of the text

“Advice from a Caterpillar” is a poem, which was written by Rachel Rooney and featured on the personal blog Minervareads.com. 

In the poem, we meet a talking caterpillar which is addressing its younger self - an egg. The caterpillar describes how it started out as a tiny egg, which then hatched into a caterpillar that kept shedding its skin as it grew bigger. Now, the caterpillar has started spinning a silk cocoon for itself in order to develop into a beautiful butterfly one day. 

Hints for completing the task

The task asks you to 1) comment on language features and literary devices in the text and 2) reflect on how this text deals with the idea of living with change. Below, we help you answer these two focus points. 

Make sure you quote specific lines from the poem to back up your analysis.

Language features and literary devices

Both language features and literary devices create a certain effect in t...

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