Engelsk 1 | Vår 2022

This is Studienett’s guide to the exam set from Vår 2022 for the new written exam in Engelsk 1 (programfag). 

The exam always consists of three parts: 

Note that “text” may also refer to images, drawings, sound clips, and the like. 

We help you understand the tasks and texts in the exam set and give you examples of how to complete the tasks.

More help

You can read more about the new Engelsk 1 exam in our exam guide.

You can get help with English grammar in our grammar webbook.


Here you can read an extract from our guide:

Suggestions for reflection

Media can influence people’s opinions in many different ways, both positive and negative. Remember to stay focused on English-speaking countries in your reflections, as the task dictates.

Firstly, media provides people with information on current events which they can use to form their own opinions on the world around them. As such, people need to have access to information that is factual and unbiased in order to ensure that they are not being manipulated. Out of the texts you have been presented with, Quote 1 highlights the need for accurate sources of information, while Quote 2 talks of media platforms where you cannot be sure of the accuracy of the information you receive. 

The media also has a role in either confirming people’s pre-existing opinions and biases or challenging them. Illustration 1 can be related to this point as people often crave acceptance on social media and will cultivate a group of followers that agree with their views. Because of this, they might also be unwilling to listen to opposing viewpoints and have their opinions challenged. 

Quote 3, however, challenges the idea that social media acts as an echo chamber and instead shows that most people benefit from access to diverse information through a mix of traditional media and social media. 

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Engelsk 1 | Vår 2022

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