Task 3: Fake News

Understand the task

Task 3 of the example exam set for Engelsk 1, Høst 2021 is about fake news. You are asked to write a text where you reflect on why some people claim that social media is contributing to the spread of fake news in English-speaking countries today. 

Hints for completing the task

Here, we give you some inspiration for how to reflect on fake news and social media.

Definition and examples of fake news

To get yourself started, you should make sure you understand what fake news is. Fake news can be defined as false or misleading information that is presented as real news. There are many reasons for doing this, but it could be to make money, promote a cause, or damage someone's reputation. 

Then, you could try to think of specific examples of fake news. Perhaps you associate the term with Donald Trump? Or what about the COVID-19 pandemic - do you know of any fake news in connection with this?

Suggestions for reflection

There are many aspects of the relationship between fake news and social media that you could go into. 

One aspect is the use of fake profiles to spread misinformation during political elections. In the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections in the US, there was evidence of Russian hackers trying to ...

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