Del 3: Tekstproduksjon

In Del 3 of the example exam set for Engelsk 1 (programfag), Høst 2021, you are presented with four different tasks where you must analyze or reflect on something. It is important that you demonstrate critical thinking and academic language.

You must choose one of these tasks to write about. 

Your text should be around 500-1200 words. 

Here you can read an extract from our guide to task 5

There are many reasons why climate change is a much debated topic. We go into some of them below.

One reason why climate change is so debated is that people simply do not agree on whether climate change is real and man-made or not. If you look at the three texts in the task, you will see that Texts 1 and 3 seem to believe that climate change must be stopped immediately whereas Text 2 focuses on the limitations this would place on the user's daily life.

One reason why climate change is so debated is that the consequences will be enormous no matter what we do. If we decide to do everything we can to stop it, it will cost money that could have been used on schools, lowering taxes etc., and low-income citizens may see their living standards worseing. However, if we decide to do nothing, some parts of the world risk being destroyed because of climate change. That will be tragic as well as costly, too.

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