Engelsk 1 | Eksempel­oppgave | Høst 2021

This is Studienett’s guide to the example exam set from Høst 2021 for the new written exam in Engelsk 1 (programfag). 

The exam always consists of three parts: 

Note that “text” may also refer to images, drawings, sound clips, and the like. 

We help you understand the tasks and texts in the exam set and give you examples of how to complete the tasks.

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You can read more about the new Engelsk 1 exam in our exam guide.

You can get help with English grammar in our grammar webbook.


Here you can read an extract from our guide:


[...] The same stance is expressed in the drawing, at least by the man’s T-shirt. The statement on the T-shirt indicates that the man considers having to wear a mask a violation of his freedom rights. However, the drawing adds an ironic twist by having this person be seriously ill with coronavirus, which means that he ends up having his face covered anyway. The drawing therefore shows the danger of ignoring regulations such as face masks. It might not just be harmful to others - it can also be harmful to you.

The drawing might also be a reference to the fact that people who are against the use of masks and the vaccine often end up being overrepresented in hospitals. 

The tweet expresses the official stance on face masks taken by most governments and organizations as Guterres encourages people to wear masks to keep everyone safe. His focus is to keep society as a whole safe, and I agree. Individual wishes must take a back seat for a while to protect society.

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Engelsk 1 | Eksempeloppgave | Høst 2021

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