Task 3D: Social conditions

In the following, we will approach Task 3D. You are asked to reflect on the way the writers of three different texts you have studied in your English course depict social conditions through their characters. You also have to discuss which of the three depictions you find most effective.

In what follows, we will offer you some points than can be the base of your discussion.

Social conditions

First of all, we must focus on the concept of “social conditions”. A social condition can be a situation that is troublesome for a community. These are a few of the social conditions you may find depicted in the texts you have studied in your English course:

  • Availability of education
  • Immigrant conditions
  • Inequality of rights
  • Difficulty to adapt to a new environment
  • Environmental issues
  • Health issues
  • Crime issues
  • The gap between the rich and the poor

When discussing soci...

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