Task 3C: “We Wanted More”

In this section, we will focus on Task 3C. You are asked to read and interpret an extract called "We Wanted More" from the short story "Lessons" by Justin Torres. 

In what follows, we will summarize the text and we will also offer you some ideas that you can use as inspiration for the interpretation of the text.

Summary: “We Wanted More”

The extract is taken from the novel “We the Animals” by Justin Torres. The text presents the life of three young brothers, who lived by the motto “We wanted more”. Hungry for “more”, they would do anything possible to feel alive, even if that means being cruel, fighting or being beaten by their father. Their quest for more comes to a halt when they talk about their mother. For the three brothers, their mother is a creature extremely different from them, calm, emotional, worthy of respect. The boys sometimes come to appreciate the silence and, inevitably, what their mother represents.


In what follows, we will give you some ideas that you could...

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