Task 2: Romanticism in England

Here, we will focus on Task 2. You are asked to look at two paintings. The paintings are "Snowstorm" by Turner (1842) and "View of Dedham" by Constable (1814). In your text, you have to discuss the reasons they are considered typical of the Romantic period.

In what follows, we will list some of the most important characteristics of the Romantic period in art:

  • Emphasis on emotions and feelings.
  • Conveying a mood.
  • Attentive observation of nature.
  • Refusal to idealise nature.
  • The predominance of themes such as calamities or disasters.
  • The “how” is more important than the “what”.
  • Focus on the effects of the brush and the feeling it conveys.
  • Lack of a specific technique: the painter focuses on temporary feelings.
  • Disregard for conventions.
  • Strong contrasts of light and dark.

These are only a few characteristics of the Romantic period in art. In England, Romanticism has had many representatives, among which Turner and Constable are the most preeminent. In what follows, we will offer some ideas that can he...

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