Task 3A: Music and social issues

In this section, we will approach Task 3A. In the following part, we will look at two Bruce Springsteen lyrics in Appendix 2, "We Take Care of Our Own" and "Death to my Hometown",  and provide you with some points to consider when you discuss the ideas they convey and whether or not art should have a higher purpose.


On his latest CD, Bruce Springsteen makes a strong statement about current problems and politics in America.

“We Take Care of Our Own”

The lyrics of the song talk about the lack of solidarity among Americans. People living in America today turn a blind eye on those in need. Springsteen asks rhetorically where are the good people that know how to show mercy and kindness. 

In your interpretation of the song, consider the following points and questions:

Take a look at the way the song is structured. The chorus that talks about solidarity contrasts with the rest of the lyrics creating a sense of irony.

“There ain't no help, the cavalry stayed home
There ain't no one hearing th...

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