Task 2: The shift worker experience

Here we will focus on Task 2. We will discuss the experience of being a shift worker, based on a poem and a painting. We will give you an outline of both the painting and the text and offer you some suggestions you can consider when you interpret and comment how they convey the experience of being a shift worker.


The painting is called “Night Shift, Aliquippa Plan” and was painted by Ernest Fiene in 1935. He was a 20th-century American graphic artist who primarily worked in New York City and Woodstock, New York.

The painting depicts a row of workers heading towards an industrial area at sunset, during winter. The workers have slim bodies. In the background, there are some smoke-blowing furnaces. The dominant colours are grey and brown.

The poem is called “Night-Shift Workers” and was written by George Charlton. It is part of the volume “Nightshift workers”, published in 1989.

The text describes the life of people who work night shifts. They come home in the morning when their wives...

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