Engelskspråklig litteratur og kultur eksamen | Vår 2012 | Study Guide

Få hjelp til skriftlig eksamen i Engelskspråklig litteratur og kultur med Studienetts study guide for eksamensettet fra våren 2012. Her får du god hjelp til å skrive sammendrag, analyser og fokuspunkter.

Eksamenssettet som ble gitt ut den 4. juni 2012 dreide seg blant annet om måten forfattere skaper og formidler sine holdninger om omgivelser og fortellerteknikker. Spørsmålene finner du her:

Task 1
Short answer
Read the two texts in the boxes below and answer the question that follows.
Write two or three paragraphs in which you discuss the two depictions of French cuisine, paying attention to language, style and the attitude of the two writers.

Task 2
Short answer
Write two or three paragraphs in which you comment on the advertisement in Appendix 1 and the message you think it conveys.

Task 3
Long answer
Answer one of the alternatives a), b), c) or d) below.

There are two extracts from novels in Appendix 2, Little Dorritt by Charles Dickens and Villette by Charlotte Brontë, both published in the 1850s.
Read the two extracts: Text 1 and Text 2 in Appendix 2. Write a text in which you discuss the attitudes the two writers have to London and how their attitudes are conveyed.

Read Text 1 and Text 2, the extracts by Charles Dickens and Charlotte Brontë, in Appendix 2 and Text 3, the extract by Kurt Vonnegut, in Appendix 3.
Write a text in which you compare and contrast the three extracts in terms of content, literary devices, language and the way they reflect their respective literary periods. In conclusion, discuss which of these novels you would most like to read in its entirety.

After having read a novel and watched a film version of it, some people will say that the book is better than the film, while others will prefer the film. Still, the two media are different and should be assessed according to their own relative merits and how different
techniques are used in the storytelling.
Choose a novel and a film adaptation of the same novel from your English course and discuss which of the two you found to be the most successful in conveying the main themes. Give examples from the novel and the film. 

Many countries have monuments marking the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier". In W. H. Auden's poem "The Unknown Citizen" the monument has been erected for the unknown citizen instead.
Write an interpretation of W. H. Auden’s poem "The Unknown Citizen". Support your points with examples from the poem.

Exam guide

In addition to this study guide, we also recommend that you read our exam guide for Engelskspråklig litteratur og kultur.

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Engelskspråklig litteratur og kultur eksamen | Vår 2012 | Study Guide

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